Wire Rings

Introduction: Wire Rings

Step 1.

Gather materials (You will need)

1. Malleable Wire

2. Pliers (To bend wire)

3. Wire cutters

4. Steal wool

5. Dowel rod (To shape the wring)

6. A thin peace of paper (To measure around finger)

7. A bead (optional)

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Step 1: Wire Ring: Step One

Get Malleable wire.

Straighten wire out.

Step 2: Wire Ring: Step 2

Cut the wire with wire cutters at about 11 cm.

Step 3: Wire Ring: Step 3

Measure wire to size needed.

Step 4: Wire Ring: Step 4

Take the steal wool and shine ring (wire). 

Step 5: Final Wire Ring

There you have the final product.

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