Wire Scorpion




Introduction: Wire Scorpion

Some time ago I saw a wire scorpion for sale in a souvenier shop. Fascinated, I bought one, determined to figure out how to build my own. Many trials and errors later, I figured it out. I'm not sure this is exactly how the "proffesional" one was made, and there is a bit of room for improvement, but this is definately a guide to get started.

Materials needed:
Soft wire (20g from WalMart's craft section in this case)
Wire snips
Pliers (to aid shaping)

Now, lets go through my first instructable.

Step 1: Gather Wire and Build Tail-

If using 20g wire, cut 14 pieces of wire 7inches(17cm) long. If using thicker wire, allow a little more length. (less for thinner wire)

Gather 6 pieces of wire together, find the middle, and wrap 1 strand around the rest. Repeat until two wires are left uncoiled. Twist these to the end.

To twist wire, bend wires to make a 90 degree angle, place between thumb and finger, and twist, making sure to keep wire at 90 degree angle.

Step 2: Adding Legs-

Bend the remaining 8 pieces of wire in half, these will be your scorpion's legs. Begining at the end of the coil (middle of the bundle), wrap the end of a bent wire around the bundle (see picture to clarify), and pull tight. Repeat for all 8 wires. Be sure each wire crosses in the same order (ie: left over right or vice versa).

Step 3: Build Body-

Flip scorpion over, and... How to explain...? Take the furthest 'back' pair of wires, and wrap them 'forward' over eachother (make sure the are each in the same order again), and then around the bundle again (see pictures to clarify). Repeat 7 times.

Step 4: Building Legs-

Flip scorpion over again, and twist together pairs of legs.

Step 5: Building Mandibles and 'arms'-

Take remaining 6 wires, and seperate into 3 pairs. The bottom most pair, top left most pair, and top right most pair.

Twist the top right pair together, and the top left pair as well.

Step 6: Trim and Bend-

Cut legs, tail, arms, and mandibles to appropriate lengths, and bend into desired pose. If you want, take the suggestion of another Instructable I saw, and dip it in PlastiDip for a bendy toy scorpion.




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    Gave it a try for the first time, very first wire anything! Added a stinger by makig thebbasic shape and using 0.3mm wirentomweave around it. Thanks, great fun!


    HI I started building this , but stuck on step 3, which furthest back wires ? i have now 6 loose ends in the front for mandibles and arms , and 8 ends on each sides for the legs..right?.

    YAY! But the wire twist is kind of one around the other. To twist both around each other, push each wire in a half twist. So push the right wire around to the left, then the new right wire back to the left; looks better.

    Being it looks like your a pro at making these cool creatures,how long does it take for you to complete one?That will give me an idea of what it will take me.

    hi i want to know how I can make a spider with wire, because I have tried and not come out. anyone can put as is done step by step? thanks!

    1 reply

    I made a spider with beads on it a while back, I even hate spiders so I was creeping out as I made it. I still have it too. :)

    they are so cool. i have to know how they are made . i am goimg to make me one

    You can make the tail look more real if you put spaces between the wire wrapping.  Every time you use a new wire leave 1/8" space. 

    In the second "stanza" what do you mean, i dont understand


    Here are my copy attempts...annealed wire, with a copper wire in the middle...spider, horned toad and tarantula. I used river rocks as base inside spider's abdomen.


    I didn't and i did so well i have worked out how to make giant tarantulas so watch this space for an Instructable XD