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Introduction: Wire Spacer Bars

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My first instructable! I am going to teach you how to make wire spacer bars. Spacer bars keep multi-strand jewelry from tangling with itself. First off, you will need:
A.) A comfortable length of wire - I am using 6 inches of 22 g. jewelry wire. You can use any kind you wish, but the sturdier and thicker the better.

B.) Round nose pliers - Use a decent pair with a good spring, that won't "twist" as you're making the bars.

C.) Wire cutters/nippers - These are to cut the extra wire off from the bar.

D.) Sharpie *optional* *not pictured* - This is to mark your pliers so you remember at which point you made the holes, so the bars are consistent with one another.

Step 1: Choosing the Perfect Point

Decide which point to place your wire to begin wrapping. You may or may not choose to mark your round nose with the Sharpie. I typically start at the very top of my pliers.

Step 2: Begin Wrapping

Once you have chosen your point, begin wrapping the wire around the round nose pliers. Wrap to where the endpoint of the wire touches the long piece. Place the long piece under the endpoint and wrap two or three times. Make sure the wire is touching. You don't want any stringing material to show when you make your jewelry with it.

Step 3: Wrapping the Rest of the Holes

Take the first wrapped hole off the pliers. Position the wire at your marked place and wrap the long side around the same way you did the first. Repeat for each hole. I only made 3 strand bars, but you can make as many strand bars as your jewelry needs and your heart desires.

Step 4: Cut Off the Long End

Using your wire cutters or nippers, cut the long end off. Flush cutters make it the smoothest, but I only have a "pocket nipper tool." Try to make the end you cut and the end of the very first loop as smooth as possible, so the ends don't poke whoever wears the jewelry

Step 5: Finished!

After the wire is cut, your spacer bar is complete. YAY! Now repeat these instructions and make as many as you need/want.

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