Wire Tree




what.. i get bored making dream catcher all the time.. and have to try new things.. here we have  wire twisted into a tree on a metal loop

Step 1: Step1

you need a loop of some sort.. you can buy metal loops at any craft store.. or loop branches or even a metal hanger would work,  then you need wire thin enough to bend other wise thickness depends on you. length of wire.. about 3 1/2 to 4inches longer then loop you have.  and as many branches you want your tree to have. you start by twisteding ever "branch" on to the loop. plier will help with the bending of the wire, and leather gloves if you have them

Step 2: Step2

then turning all the branches up to the middle of the circle and twisting together making the tree trunk and then streching back out creating the branches . and then twisting the end where you want the branches to be. the left over you can either clip off or twist in to vines . and there you have a wire tree.. make a hanger for it and beautiful piece of wall art!



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    Question 10 months ago on Step 2

    Hi, what guage of wire did you use and how much total wire did you use, and how big was your circle? thanks C.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nice basic design! I would just add some beads of some sort to make leaves on the branches, and maybe decorate it a bit. Looks pretty easy to do too.