Wire Wrapped Bangle Bracelet by Using Leftover Beads




Introduction: Wire Wrapped Bangle Bracelet by Using Leftover Beads

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A thrift idea to take full use of the leftover beads! A neat, fast, and user friendly project for you to try~!

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Step 1: Supplies:

Oval Wood Bead

Assorted Bicone Glass Bead

Round Cat Eye Bead

Mark Pen (or mandrel stick)

0.5mm Brass Wire

1.5mm Aluminum Wire

Side Cutting Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Step 2: Wrap the Bangle

1st, cut a 45cm piece of aluminum wire and then fold it in half around a small-sized cylindrical object;

2nd, choose another cylindrical stick (mark pen in this project) to make a waved pattern;

3rd, shape the bangle;4th, loop the two sharp ends.

Step 3: Add the Decorative Beads

1st, take the semi-finished bangle and a long piece of 0.5mm brass wire;

2nd, string the bead on wire and anchor by two or three wraps;

3rd, at end, wrap the brass wire around both aluminum wire ends.

Step 4: Done!

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