Wire Wrapped Patterns on How to Make Wire Flower Earrings With Red Crystal




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Here, I want to share you a jewelry making tutorial about how to make wire flower earrings. A fab pair of flower shaped earrings is waiting for you!

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Step 1: Materials Needed in Wire Wrapped Flower Shaped Earrings Tutorial:

4MM Normal Glass Beads

0.5MM Copper Wire

Brass Chains


Earring Hooks

Step 2: Make the Wire Wrapped Flower Tutorial

1st, cut off about 20cm copper wire, and then follow the specific diagrams to bend the wire to form a 5-petal flower shape;

2nd, fix the end by wrapping wires around the center of the wire wrapped flower;

Step 3:

3rd, slide a 4mm glass bead to one wire, and then fix it to the wire wrapped flower by wrapping the wires; 4th, cut off the extra wires and pinch the end, so that it will not prick you.

Step 4: Make the Dangles for the Wire Wrapped Flower Shaped Earrings Tutorial

1st, use a 4mm glass bead and a headpin to make a bead dangle;

2nd, make another three bead dangles in the same method;

Step 5:

3rd, cut off a 5-link chain, attach the wire wrapped flower to chain;

4th, attach the four bead dangles to the chain as picture shows;

Step 6: Attach an Earring Hook to the Top of the Chain to Finish the Flower Shaped Earrings.

Step 7: Here Is the Final Look of the Wire Wrapped Flower Earrings Tutorial:

Tada! This tutorial on how to make wire flower earrings is done! There is so much fun in wire wrapping working. This pair of flower shaped earrings is a great design, isn't it? Look forward to your wire wrapped flower tutorials! Just to do it!



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