Wire Wrapped Rings!




Introduction: Wire Wrapped Rings!

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Wire Wrapped Rings!
You can make the most incredible statement this Valentine's Day by

giving the one you love a Wire Wrapped Ring!

With a huge selection of rhinestone faceted buttons and all colors
of wrapping wires, you can make the perfect ring for any occasion!

They are big and fun, like a cocktail ring!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:
A ring sizer and a ring mandrel (less than $7)

You will also need buttons and wrapping wire.

Again, available at any craft store.
I picked these up at Hobby Lobby.

Step 2: Get Wrapping!

First you will need to decide what size to make your ring.
You will need a piece of wire cut the length of the mandrel...about 12 inches.

Place the middle of the wire on the mandrel a half size bigger than you want the ring to be.

Wrap it around the mandrel and hold it tight with your fingers.

Wrap it back around and slip the button on the wires. Hold it tight on the mandrel.

Twist the wires coming out of the button holes, this will hold the button tight...

so it's not so much work after that.

Now just twist the wires in a spiral shape until you have about an inch and a half of wire left on each strand.

Now remove the ring from the mandrel, and twist the excess wires around the
2 main ring wires. This finishes it off perfectly!

I was able to do them completely with my fingers...but some jewelry pliers wouldn't hurt either!

Step 3: Mass Produce!

Now make a bunch to give as gifts!

This is a project that would be fun for a girls youth activity, summer camp,

or birthday party!They are simple, stunning and create the perfect statement!

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    What kind/gauge wire did you use there? I don't think I saw it on the supply list...?

    1 reply

    Sorry you are right! I use between 20 and 22 gauge. If it's too thick, it's much harder to wrap tightly.

    What kind/gauge wire did you use there? I don't think I saw it on the supply list...?

    What kind/gauge wire did you use there? I don't think I saw it on the supply list...?

    I haven't done these in years! Thanks for the beautiful reminder :) I'm going to get back at it this week.

    so i get alot of scrap 12g copper wite from my work could you guys do a demo on rings made from that i would really appreciate it

    Wow! I just posted a wire wrapped stone ring ible too and it also has swirls. Yours turned out awesome!

    1 reply