Wire a 1hp Induction Motor

Introduction: Wire a 1hp Induction Motor

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This is a 1hp (0.75kW) 3-phase induction motor. It can be connected delta (△) connection and star (Y) connection.

When this induction motor is connected in delta connection, the coil voltage is 220V, and when connected in star connection, the coil voltage is 380V.

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Step 1: Induction Motor in Star Connection

This is ATO induction motor in star connection with voltage 380V.

Step 2: Induction Motor in Delta Connection

This is induction motor in delta connection with voltage 220V.

Step 3: Complete Video for 3 Phase Induction Motor Wiring

The video shows the wiring of 3 phase induction motor and driving the motor by VFD.

For more videos, please check our YouTube.

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