Wire Organizing Tips!



Introduction: Wire Organizing Tips!

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Hi do you ever have problems with finding the right wire or just cant tangle through that wire jungle? I have a solution to this! When I  first got my car i was putting in interior lighting which requires loads of wires, so i decided to clean them up! Continue reading to find out how!

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Step 1: Tools!

Hands, screwdriver, or Drill (Optional but makes things go by a lot quicker)
Wires of your choice (I was using 22-guage wire for my car)

Step 2: How To!

Insert the one end of your wires into the drill and lock it in snug the other end get something sturdy to hold them a foot does a nice job or a finger! Make sure the wires are nice and tight before you start to wind them, then just have at it with your drill do not make it too tight because it could possibly break the wires but make sure it's tight enough to stay!

Step 3: Done!

Congratulations you now have a organized set of wires!

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