Wire Reel Holder

Introduction: Wire Reel Holder

Intro: Wire reel holder
I frequently use single strand wire a lot of time for quick soldering connections. It was a bit cumbersome to get wire out from the wire reel. To make the wire handy, this
ultra simple wire reel holder is very helpful to me. I know that this is very simple and fast to make, but thought it would be worth sharing for those still fighting with reels of

Step 1: Materials required
The following is a minimal list of things required.
1. Cycle spoke or any metal rod of diameter between 3-6mm. (I preferred spokes because they have one end bent)
2. cutting Pliers- Good quality one capable of cutting the rod or cycle spoke.
3. Drilling machine and Bit suitable for the rod thickness (mine was a 3mm bit)
4. Hammer.
5. Saw- in case pliers for cutting the rod is not available.

Step 2: Selecting the spot
This is important because you need as spot good enough to drill and nearby your workspace so that the wire hanging down from the reel holder is handy. Select a spot
closest to your left or right hand and somewhat away from your workspace so that the wire doesnot obstruct your work. This is the most crucial step which determines the
ease of use. I had a wooden window nearby.

Step 3: Cutting the rod
We need some half feet of the rod. If your rod is around that size, your job is simpler, just skip to the next step. Rods of diameter 4mm or less can be cut by using some
force on a pair of cutting pliers. If your rod is thicker than that, You will need chain cutters or something heavy duty. A saw could simplify the job for all rod sizes. It might
be slow but easy. Its upto you to decide how to cut.

Step 4: Drilling the hole
I would say this is the next crucial step other than selecting the spot. We need the reel of wire to sit there comfortably without slipping off from the holder. To achieve this
the hole should be drilled slightly at an angle. Tilt the drill head slightly (about 5 degrees) towards the ground and then drill. We will be pulling at the wire constantly and
the slight angle prevents the reel from falling down.

Step 5: Insert the rod and enjoy the comfort
Just keep the rod at a slight angle so that it is aligned with the hole drilled. Firmly push the rod, if required, gently tap with a hammer. Once finished, insert your wire reels
and solder lead reels and enjoy the comfort. If properly planned, you will e able to get hold of wire and solder withoy looking for it, just move your hand towards the
direction of the wire and you will get it.

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