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Introduction: Wired Control Robot Manual

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Simple Wired  Robot Manual tethered by the control wired,wire 4x2 or 4x4 ! dc gear motor 300rpm-1000rpm ...racing 4x4,robot mod,robot wars fight !If you want to make a robot at your home, let me tell you this. There are basically five types of robots they are:-
1.LEVEL ONE ROBOT (wired robot with 2 dpdt switch).
2.LEVEL TWO ROBOT (Wireless robot with button control).
3.LEVEL THREE ROBOT (Wireless autonomous/programmed robot).
4.LEVEL  FOUR ROBOT(solar cell and panel 12v )
5.LEVEL  FIVE ROBOT(robot war fight)
6.LEVEL  SIX   ROBOT (Mobile control robot) by Me

Step 1: Tools & Components

This is a primer project which covers following concepts-

    1.Power Supply.or 12v battery
    2.DPDT switch operation.
    3.DC Geared Motors
    4.Basic  motion of Robot

There are following tools are required for this project-

    1.Soldering iron
    2.Hack saw/ blade
    3.Screw drivers
    6.Wire stripper

There are following components are required for this project-

    Battery (12 volt , 4.5 Ah) -                        1 nos.
    DPDT Switch-                                            2nos. or 4 nos robot gripper
    Ribbon wire strip-                                     3 meters+
    DC Geared Motors                                   4nos 4x4 or 2 nos 4x2
    Chassis(having holes for motor) -        1
    box                                                               1
    Metal strip                                                   12
    Wheels                                                        4  nos.
    Castor wheel                                             1nos(4x2)
    Soldering wire -                                         as required

Step 2: Procedure & Chassis Robot


Before you start making your robot you need a paper plan. Measure length of the motor (excluding shaft), diameter of shaft of the motor, inner hole diameter of the motor. Draw a rough sketch of the base you need to cut keeping in mind the placement of motors and wheels.

Chassis is a mechanical assembly for making a 4 wheel drive platform.Where you can mount any controller board to drive your bot. This is just the mechanical chassis, Optionally as shown in the figure you can use 4 DC geared motors, 1 castor and 4 wheels with rubber rings so you can make both variants .

Step 3: Mechanical Assembly

Fit the caster wheel at position show in above diagram with 1.5-2 inches (approx.) screw. Fit the dc motor into the holes of chassis and couple the wheel by using screw or rubber tube.

Step 4: What Is Caster Wheel

A Caster wheel is an undriven, single wheel that is designed to be mounted to the bottom of a larger object so as to enable that object to be easily moved. They are available in various sizes, and are commonly made of rubber, plastic, nylon, aluminum, or stainless steel, etc.

Step 5: DPDT Switches Using Circuit

To make anti-clockwise motion of motor, the polarity of supply must be inverted of polarity of supply in clockwise motion. For "Polarity Reversal" DPDT switches are generally used. This can be done by using following circuit.

DPDT Switch Connections for wired control
The wire should solder on metal strip not on switches directly (as shown in fig 3). This precaution helps us if there is wrong connection occurs in circuit. So we can change the circuit by changing metal strip position (fig 4). The procedure is shown in figure below-

Step 6: Motor Connections

The motors are fixed to the chassis and the tyres are fitted to the DC Geared Motors 

4x4 and 4x2 ! outdoor or indoor !! !

Step 7: Power Supply &12 Battery

The rechargeable battery of rating 12 Volt and 4.5 ampere rating should connected with remote switch  and ...you can 9v !                      8 pcs AA battery (12V) holder with on/off switch.

The above circuit shows you how to connect the dpdt switchs to the motors and the 12V supply
and by pressing the switch you can check the direction of the robot and change it accordingly.
thus you are ready with your first LEVEL ONE WIRED ROBOT

you can solar panel 12v without battery !

Step 8: Using Robot Control

Before designing control wired we have to learn basic movement of robot which is shown in following table.

Movements                         Motor1 (left)              Motor2(right)

For moving forward           Clockwise                 Clockwise

For moving backward        Anticlockwise           Anticlockwise

For turning left                      Off                              Clockwise

For turning right                  Clockwise                  Off


The following switch positions will give you the respective movement.

L-DPDT switch                  R-DPDT switch                  Movement

TOP                                            TOP                                  Forward

BOTTOM                                   BOTTOM                            Reverse

—nil—–                                      TOP                                    Left

TOP                                          –nil–                                     Right

TOP                                          BOTTOM                            360 right

BOTTOM                                      TOP                                 360 left

Step 9:

All done :) you got ! :) :)

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