Wireframe Lantern for Mid-autumn Festival


Lets make a wireframe lantern this mid-autumn. This project has three sections. First section demonstrate how template can be made easily using a piece of wood of any size. This project made a 12cm circular lantern. Second section show you how assembling the loop into shape. The last section show you how to stick the wrapper papers onto the wireframe.

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Step 1: Making the Template

This video demonstrate the fundamental of making this wireframe lantern. I made a circular shape for simplicity purpose. You may choose to make other shape using the same method.

Step 2: Assembling the Lantern

Cotton string and heat shrink sleeve of 2mm is used to joint the wire into shape. The cotton string is used to tie the loops making the lantern structure. Making of the candle holder for lantern is also shown.

Step 3: Wrappers Onto the Wireframe

The final section showing how the wrappers can be stick onto the wireframe. An alternative method of taping using cellophane tape is featured for demonstrating purpose. Tricks to stick the wrapper onto wireframe required some patient.

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