Wireless Caretaker's Emergency Band


Introduction: Wireless Caretaker's Emergency Band

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We often see people who are disables and are not able to do their work alone and need help at every moment .. Sometimes they can caught up with sudden heart arrest , urine block , and many more. At that time the old age people are not in the condition that they can first aid themselves ,so they need help from us and we should do because they had grown up us to become teenagers and adults .It is our duty to help our grandparents and parents . But we have our own works due to which we can't stay with them the whole time . Here is a fresh invention that is the solution for this major problem .This is inspired from health band but a cheaper version of it . Video of WCW :-

Step 1: Idea and Reason

Most people die due to the carelessness of caretakers as the pie chart above shows the causes of death in America . In which the major sectors are covered with the diseases in which death can be prevented by instant first aid . But it can be possible only if we come to know about the condition of the patient. This is made of a simple circuit from a remote control car using its transmitter and receiver , the whole known as the transceiver . The transmitter remains with the patient and the receiver with the caretaker modified into watch and adding some constituents.

Step 2: Portability

As we know that the remote control circuit board is very portable ,so this could be changed into a portable watch by adding some sorts of l.e.d. s and vibrator for indication and the circuit has been explained in the diagram .

Step 3: Remote Control Circuit

We can get it easily from a working r/c car by opening the car and its remote . But make sure about the wires where they should be connected to like the gnd,vc,f,b,l,r and antenna etc.

Step 4: Things Required

Things used in this are -

  1. motor for vibration
  2. led bulbs
  3. 9 volts battery
  4. soldering iron
  5. solder
  6. cardboard
  7. r/c car circuit board or any transceiver

Step 5: Making Outer Cover

You just need a small piece of cardboard and a pair of scissors to pierce holes through the cardboard . We just need 2 holes or can be modified according to our circuit . In my circuit board only 2 switches were present so I made two indications for this . This depends upon you , how many indications you want to make.

Step 6: Connecting Buzzers and L.E.D S

In indication 1 we will connect only one buzzer to the l and r wires. In indication 2 we will connect led along with buzzers for for showing high emergency

Step 7: Completing Circuits

This is a very simple task . We just need to join the gnd and the vcc wire to the battery and the other l , r , f , b wires to the buzzers and the led this is a simple task . Just need a systematic process .

Step 8: Switch

The most important thing is the switch . That gives us the control over the circuit . You can simply join it with the one terminal of the battery and the other wire of the switch to the gnd / vcc wire .

Step 9: Making Strap

We can make the strap by using a duct tape , cloth piece , leather , plastic etc . I used the duct tape for this task. For this you need to keep one end open in the circular strap for the fitting of any person's hand either fat or slim . Instead of cloth elastic material would be more suitable and durable .

Step 10: How I Feel When I Wear This

This is simply a truth that I feel very confident when I wear this band . During testing period I thought it to be more buzzing than normal . But it is needed too. because during bad times it would make me alert to help my loved ones . This might be a good idea for this ageing community and their health!




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    10 Discussions

    Your idea is good, but you might consider extending it with an accelerometer, as a common scenario with old people is falling either due to a stroke or hitting the head when tripping and either way, they're usually too confuse to be able to press a button (or even remembering that there is a button at all.an accelerometer can be analyzed by a small controller, to prevent false alarms, which might lessen the response if it goes off with every move.

    I do have to disagree with your statement:

    "Most people die due to the carelessness of caretakers as the pie chart above shows the causes of death in America"

    As only the minority of the mentioned illnesses can be helped by a rapid caretaker: Some of the heart diseases in the major group can, some can't and with cancer, a swift and proper diagnose followed by treatment is the most important - nothing a caretaker can do much about and all in all, only a minor percentage of the deaths can really be helped through care-taking.

    This doesn't detract from your project - anything that can make life more bearable for the chronic ill and the elderly (that used to take care of us), is a step forward, so... Way to go! :)

    connecting the receiver to the Internet via a Raspberry Pi would be cool. That way it could send notifications to your phone anywhere you were.

    This is a great start to something. Some of the components can be shrunk down (vibration motor, switch, etc), but the idea is a good one. My grandfather started going downhill about 10 years ago, and we had issues knowing when to change him, or when he fell down. If he had a button or something to let someone know, would have helped a lot.


    3 years ago

    Nice idea keep up ur great work as a restorer...make sure to check out my instructables too ..indian


    3 years ago

    Nice idea keep up ur great work as a restorer...make sure to check out my instructables too ..indian

    reminds me of.... I've fallen, and I can't get up!

    Hey bro thts a really nice project i want to contact you pls provide me ur fb or whats app details