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Always out of battery on your bluetooth speaker ? This instructable will explain you how to set up a wireless charger in it !

I'm using a JAM Classic Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (HX-P230BL) that presents the advantage to have some extra space inside to insert the coil.

The inductive charging set is from Adafruit. Note that you also need a 9v charger on the emission side.

Step 1: Tear Down the Bluetooth Speaker

The JAM Classic Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is fairly easy to disassemble. A regular Phillips #1 will allow you to open the case and pop out the PCB.

Take extra care at the line input, the jack solder is very weak !

Step 2: Find Your 5v Input & Solder the Receiver

This might be a bit tricky if you're not used to it. Use your voltmeter to spot the 5v input on the PCB. Checking the micro USB input is a good idea, as the ground (black) is the metal case and the +5v in one of the input pins. Then solder the two wires of the reception side.

Plug 9v on the emitter side and assure that your speaker is indeed charging (red led).

Step 3: Put Everything Back Up !

Tape the coil on the bottom of the case, and try to squeeze in the small PCB somewhere. Add some heat-shrink to protect it and put eveything back up

Test the whole thing again.

Step 4: Set Up the Other Coil Where You Want the Thing to Charge

I taped the receptor under on my nightstand. Put it on an edge so it's easier to find the right spot. Try to be as coaxial as possible. Also try to avoid ferrous and thick materials as the power drop is drastic !



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    6 Discussions


    Question 1 year ago

    i have a Boss bluetooth speaker the charging port broke and came out. can i charge using a wireless charging pad?


    1 year ago

    Hello there. I have one of these speakers, which I love. Unfortunately it got dropped and the micro usb port broke off. I have a micro usb extension cable. My idea is to cut the cable to a couple of inches and solder the charger wires to the pcb. I would then have a small piece of cable coming out of the speaker with a micro USB socket, which I can use to charge the speaker. Does anyone know which pins I would use on the pcb to solder the cable too? Thanks for any help


    4 years ago

    I've got the exact same speaker.


    4 years ago

    add some rare earth magnets so it pops into place! :)


    4 years ago

    I've always loved the versatility of inductive chargers!