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Introduction: Wireless Electricity Powered Horrible Halloween Prop

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Hi,Halloween Day 2015 is coming closer so it was unable for me wait for a month and decided to make Halloween project and the current projects made me hurry and I had made pumpkin that glows itself just bringing closer to its power pad without any complex electronic devices it is powered by "WIRELESS ELECTRICITY" without any power source inside the pumpkin.Here's video of it working.But you should make sure to see this under maximum brightness!:-

This is an application of Wireless Electricity Transmission and please see it for better understanding!

Step 1: Working

This device uses a simple mechanism of wireless electricity from the pumpkin's base and in the pumpkin l.e.d s are embedded whenever pumpkin comes closer to base it lightens making the pumpkin glow without any use of wires ,it makes it angry!

Step 2: Things Required

To make this we need :-

1) NPN Transistor. I used the transistor from my old telephone PCB .Use 2N3904 Transistor

2) insulated copper wire that I took out of my old cfl bulb

3)Resistor 1 Kilo Ohm. I took it from old telephone circuit board.

4) L.E.D lights (take red)

5) A 1.5 Volt AA Battery (AA sized).

Tools required :- 1)cutter 2) Matchsticks or lighter

For pumpkin:-

1) Some paper towels

2) Orange-yellow food coloring

3)Colors for shading



Step 3: Making the Transmitter and Receiver Coil

To make receiver coil ,first of all take the insulated wire roll that out and with wires,make a coil of 30 turns around a round object.Tie roll on the ends of the wires, to not make it messy.Make sure that the turns must be 30 only.We have to make 3-4 receiver coil for 3-4 leds and to make it glow brighter.To make transmitter coil,With the same round object, start coiling again. This time when you make your 15th turn with the wire, create a tap and leave a wire of 3 inches and then coil another 15 turns. Now you have a coil with two ends and one tap.Tie knots on the ends of the wires, so that it doesn't uncoil by itself.Here's a diagram for better clarity

Step 4: Joining Transmitter Coil Circuit

Melt the insulation from the ends and the tap from both the coils..Use lighter or matchsticks for it.Take the transistor, and place it so that the flat side is facing up and the leads are facing towards you. The lead on the left is the Emitter, the lead in the middle is Base, and the lead in right is the Collector. Take the resistor and connect one of its ends to the base of the transistor. Take the other end of the resistor and connect it one of the ends (not the tap) from transmitter coil. Take the other end from transmitter coil and connect it to the Collector of the transistor. If you want you could connect a small piece of wire to the Emitter of the transistor (It would work as an extension of the Emitter.For more clarity please refer the diagram.

Step 5: Making Receivers

To make the receivers, just take receiver coil and connect its ends to the leads from the L.E.D.Make sure that the ends of coil are not insulated.We need 3-4 receivers.

Step 6: Check If It Works!

Just take the tap from transmitter coil and connect it to the positive end of the battery. Connect the negative end of the battery to the Emitter of the transistor. Now if you bring receiver coil with the L.E.D close to transmitter, the L.E.D lights up!Now we have a working wireless electricity system and we have to embed it in our Halloween project.

Step 7: Making Jack-o'-lantern

Take a plastic ball (I used gems ball) and using a soldering iron mark the carvings properly and then heat it up and finally melt plastic to make the eyes,nose and horrible smile.ON the exhaust fan as foul smell would come during the process.

Step 8: Making Skin

Tear paper towels into small bits of paper and then add some food coloring(red-orange-yellow) and then pour some water and make dough of it.

Step 9: Applying

Apply It evenly On the Ball.Let it to be dry.

Step 10: Shading

Give it shading using pencils and colors.This would make it more creative

Step 11: Adding Receivers

Add receivers to pumpkin and then cover it with dough and let it to be dry and shade the newly coated surface again.

Step 12: Using Glue

Cover the pumpkin using glue and let it to be dry this will give it more strength as well as shiny look.

Step 13: Making Base

Take some cardboard pieces make a small box with open part enough to keep the pumpkin stable.

Step 14: Completing Base

Throw all the circuit (transmitter) in the box and also add a switch to prevent battery drainage.

Step 15: Adding Stem

Take a small black capacitor or make one using dough and join this to pumpkin using glue and dry it.

Step 16: Done!

Just place the pumpkin on the base and see it glowing and scaring buddies.This is not magic!.Science behind this is:-

Electric and magnetic fields are created by charged particles in matter such as electrons. A stationary charge creates an electrostatic field in the space around it. A steady current of charges (direct current, DC) creates a static magnetic field around it. The above fields contain energy, but cannot carry power because they are static. However time-varying fields can carry power.[16] Accelerating electric charges, such as are found in an alternating current (AC) of electrons in a wire, create time-varying electric and magnetic fields in the space around them.

Suggestions for improvements are more than welcome. Good Luck with your project!!! Please vote if you like! Thanks!

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