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Hello today's instructable is just an idea of Faraday electromagnetic charge transfer

So based on this idea like in transformer we can implement a wireless electricity transfer system but keep in mind this wont transfer large amount of energy also their efficiency is really poor ...so this is just for demonstrating the concept to young student and children ..

All Step By Step Instruction Is Given in Video Tutorial also

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Step 1: Hardware Component

Hardware Required

  • Insulated Copper Wire (0.7mm) 7meter Long
  • LED
  • 2N222 NPN Transistor
  • 1.5v Battery Cell

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Circuit diagram is really simple one end of transmitter coil is connected to base while other is connected to collector of transistor ....the remaining middle is connected to positive of battery cell

Receiving coil is simple just connect led in parallel to it



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