Wireless Energy Transfer System/H-Bridge Using Four Mosfet.

Introduction: Wireless Energy Transfer System/H-Bridge Using Four Mosfet.

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In this project we Are Going to make wireless energy transfer circuit using H-bridge Topology,

four mosfets are used to create H-bridge , to control 4 mosfet we used 2 x IR2110 mosfet driver ic

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Step 1: IRS 2110 (Mosfet Driver IC)

This is the main IC to control gate of mosfet. One IC can control two mosfets.

Step 2: 555 Timer IC

This is the main IC to generate square wave signal.

Step 3: CD4049 (Inverting IC/Schemit Trigger)

The main purpose of this IC is to invert the signal generated by 555 Timer IC or it is also used in this project to generate opposite signal (signal 2). Signal from 555 Timer IC can be used as signal 1.

Step 4: Schematic Diagram

Assemble all the components required for this project according to schematic diagram.

Step 5: Final Pictures


555 timer ic generate a Square Wave signal (Signal 1), CD4049 Inverting IC invert This signal from 555 timer IC (Signal 2).these signals are fed to U1, U2, In U1 ( sig1 - HIN, sig2 - LIN) , In U2 ( sig1 - LIN, sig2 - HIN), just invert the connections,

AS we have sig1,sig2 is necessary to drive IR2110 mosfet driver IC.

Four Mosfets are arranged to form H-Bridge , when Q1 and Q2 Activates , Q3 ans Q4 deactivates (Q3 and Q4 Activates , Q1 ans Q2 deactivates) it creates alternating current at P1 and P2.

10K Pot Are used in this project to Set Desired frequency.

This module can be used to transmit power wirelessly , can be used to drive tesla coil, can be used to make moisturizer and to make sinewave inverters .

For more info please visit my channel to view working of this circuit VIDEO

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