Wireless Fm Transmitter Hack

I was unable to find a FM transmitter that can play my music from my iPhone without the cracking, I needed one that was small and was able to work using power from the phone. 
The SOL FM connect was relatively small and already had a great signal, so I took it apart and added a 12 inch antenna.  

Step 1: Taking the SOL Fm Connect Apart

The FM Connect I found at www.solmarketplace.com .

Firstly, I used a pry tool to free the right mn button, it is simply clipped in.

One screw holds the rest of the case together. After removing the screw, use the pry tool to open the casing.

Step 2: Adding the Antenna

If you take a close look at the board, you will notice a strip of unmasked copper at the bottom of the board. This is the internal antenna, I used 24 AWG solid hook up wire to make my antenna.

I cut a 12 inch strip and soldered it to the board as shown.

Step 3: Putting Everything Back Together

To make it easier, I used the soldering iron to make a hole in the left bottom corner of the case. Slide the antenna through and put the case back together.



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