Wireless Mailbox Alarm With Phone Alert





Introduction: Wireless Mailbox Alarm With Phone Alert

1x Alarm kit Auto-Dialer (ebay $10-$20)
1x Door/Window Sensor (included in alarm kit)
1x Keypad/Control Unit with AC Adaptor (included in alarm kit)
1x Telephone Cable (included in alarm kit)

2x  Cable Ties (home depot or Lowes)

A simple way to set up an alert system, after installed, you still have the option on turning on or off the system, when mailbox door is open this system will phone you automatically, Completely Wireless, sensors have a 200 feet range and 400 feet line-of-sight range.

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    4 Discussions

    This was very easy to set up and really works well in this below 30 degree weather

    Looks easy to set up and looks like it has decent range.

    How was this alarm system? I have been thinking of getting one for my house, I like how you can purchase various sensors and customize it.

    Very easy to make and works well

    This looks like something that all landlords should have.