Wireless Multipurpose Sound Extension



Introduction: Wireless Multipurpose Sound Extension

The major aim of this project is to save cost and transmit audio sounds wirelessly at a frequency of 537.4 MHz, 533.4 MHz, 255.1 MHz, 227.6 MHz to a mixer .

Step 1: Getting All Required Materials

Get all materials, some materials might vary owing to the owners desire.
1. Two wireless mics and their transmitters
2. Mono 3.5" female x5
3. 10k potentiometer x5
4. Wires
5. 9v batteries x4
6. Multimeter
7. Soldering Iron
8. Pliers etc.

Step 2: Drilling of Holes

Drill holes on the transmitter box. I made use of a sound blaster microphone box as holes are easy to make since the box is made of carton.

Step 3: The Connection

Solder the potentiometers, and 3.5" mono jacks to the individual transmitters for all 5 transmitters, solder correctly and prevent wire bridge as it may spoil the whole project

Step 4: The Assembling

Now fasten the potentiometers and the 3.5" mono jacks to the box. Make sure all wirings are connected as shown in the schematic.

Step 5: Test

Position all transmitters accurately fix in the 9v batteries and you are good to go. Pls feel free to comment in the comment box below bye for now.

Step 6:


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