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In this Instructables i will show you how to make a unique useful item, That is Wireless Night Light. You can make this for easy! you can use any color of led you want.


  • Portable
  • Fit in pocket
  • Bright
  • Can use as joule thief
  • Use AA battery
  • Energy saving
  • And many more!


Step 1: You Need

For case:

  • Cardboard
  • Cutter
  • A Pen
  • Some circle object (I use a jar lid)
  • Clear tape

The electronics Parts:

  • A 2n2222 NPN transistor / any NPN transistor
  • Thin Copper wire
  • Led (any colors you want)


  • Some small circle object
  • Lighter

Step 2: Make the Case

Take the jar lid, place it in the cardboard and mark it using the pen. After that, cut the circle using the cutter.

Step 3: Make the Receiver

Take a circle object, and start winding 20 turn of the copper wire and its look like image 2. After that, burn the 2 ends of the copper wire using lighter and solder the ends to the led.

Step 4: Make the Transmitter

  • Take again the circle object and wind the copper wire (20 turn + 20 turn ). so the output from the coils is 3 output like image 1 and 2
  • Now solder the circuit like image 3

Step 5: Insert the Circuit to the Case

Take the 2 circle cardboard, insert the transmitter into the cardboard, and reinforced it using the clear tape like image

Step 6: Finish


  1. Connect the transmitter to the AA / 1,5 volt battery (i use magnet to connect the wire into the battery)
  2. Place the receiver on the middle of the transmitter
  3. and voila the led is turn on
  4. And test it on the dark place

Thanks for look my works

I hope you enjoy this!!

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5 Discussions


2 years ago

Is this project possible without a transistor? What is the purpose of the transistor?

Builders Shed

2 years ago

Nice. but, It'll be better if you post a better images quality and probably take all the photos in a mini studio which you could build really easily by using a white shirt or a piece of a blank paper in on the back of it ;)

1 reply
balsuryanaBuilders Shed

Reply 2 years ago

Yeah, great idea. I will try use your idea in my next projects!! thanks for support me!