Wireless Notice Board Using Arduino

Hi.. I am anto. in this tutorial, we are going to learn how to make a electronic notice board. Electronic or Moving Message Boards are being used in a wide variety of applications for communicating information to people quicker and in a cost-effective manner when compared to traditional posters or paper notice boards. While e-mail is a way to converse privately with one or more people over the Internet, electronic notice boards are totally public. Any message posted on one can be read (and responded to) by everybody else in the organization who has viewed it. This paper focuses on designing an e-display which can accept data wirelessly from any authorized person who has the access of the web terminal; it means integrating the traditional moving message displays with an Arduino so that they can be accessed wirelessly as an application of IoT (Internet of Things).


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Materials required:-

Arduino uno 1 x 1

16x2 LCD 1 x 1

LCD breakout board 1 x 1

HC 05 bluetooth 1 x 1

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Step 1: Connect the Vcc and Ground From the Arduino Board to the Breadboard

I have shared the arduino uno +5v and GND to the bread board. because the power are shared to the bluetooth and lcd.

Share the vcc and ground to the vcc and ground of the bluetooth and LCD as in the picture

Step 2: Connect the Bluetooth and LCD to the Arduino Board

Connect the TX of the arduino board to the RX of the Bluetooth and RX of the arduino board to the TX of the bluetooth

Connect the LCD RS, EN, D4, D5, D6, D7 to the data pins of the arduino as D7 to D2

Step 3: Download the Program Code Available on the Attachment

Download the program from the attachment. make a suitable edit. download to the arduino board

Step 4: Use Bluetooth Electronics App

switch the bluetooth of your smart mobile-->open bluetooth electronics app--> select panel-->Select terminal--> Place the transmitter column at the screen--> click back of your mobile-->click connect--> Bluetooth classic-->Discover-->select the correct bluetooth device and connect it--> you can see the status at the top-->

Step 5: Select the Panel and Click Run

Click Run--> type the message in the given format--> #Message*--> click send

Step 6: Now You Can See the Scrolling Message in the Display

finally its done....

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