Wireless Purple Night Lamp

Introduction: Wireless Purple Night Lamp

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Hii everyone today i will show you how to make wireless purple [any colour you want] night lamp

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Step 1: Introduction

my wireless purple coloured night lamp basically works on mini tesla coil[salyer coil exciter circuit].

selecting right colour for your night lamp [you can use any colour] only thing is to bring that selected colour tape .

Step 2: Things You Will Needed to Make This:-

1.one ordinary cfl bulb

2.coloured tape

3.salyer coil exciter circuit [for more information for this circuit visit my mini tesla coil instructable]

4.air cored high voltage step up transformer [for more information for this circuit visit my mini tesla coil instructable]

5.cardboard for its base

6.plastic container for night lamp base and protect transformer

7.12v 1A adaptar


Step 3: Making Circuit for Wireless Nightlamp

as shown in the image make the circuit according to it.

and for mor information please visit my othe instructable which is mini tesla coil.

Step 4: Making the Base and Transformer for Wireless Night Lamp

As shown in the picture prepare the base for wireless night lamp and fix the high voltage output wire of secondary coil of transformer above the transformer.

Step 5: Finalizing the Setup for Wireless Night Lamp

As shown in the image fix the plastic container upside down onto the transformer but remember that the bared wire should come outside the container from top of the plastic container in order to ionized the surround air and create wireless effect on cfl bulb

carefully fix that bare end of transformer around the centre of the plastic container.remenber that it should not kept openly nor it should covered full nor apply super glue or glue on it only stick the centre of the wire with cellotape and keep rest of the portion openly.

At last whichever colour you want on the night lamp apply that colored tape on the cfl bulb or you can select colored cfl bulb to be enlightened wirelessly.

Step 6: Testing the Wireless Night Lamp

this the final wireless night lamp made ant it looks like this as shown in the image[its day time image as in night it looks very attractive]

Thanks for watching this instructable hope you enjoyed it.

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