Wireless Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker From Centre Channel




Introduction: Wireless Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker From Centre Channel

I had some fun making my last instuctable so I thought I would post this one as well. I decided to use the same sort of mp3 decoder module/mini amp as I did in my last post with my guitar. I was pretty impressed with the device. I had an old Yamaha centre channel speaker that looked like it would be a good portable boom box with some extra ideas in mind. Firstly, being it was going to be portable, it needed a handle. Luckily I was able to scrounge one up from an old door that didn't look like it was from kitchen cabinet. It made the overall look of it more appealing. Second, I thought it might need stands or feet of some kind. What initially came to mind was the high end floor speaker 'tip toes'. Didn't bother looking them up, but I imagine they are more than I want to spend on just a fun project. What I used are actually the things you see at the top of elevators that they use to hang the blankets onto, to protect the walls of the elevator. So talk to your building maintenance if you have one. They even match the handle perfectly. Next I took two batteries from my old cell phone and soldered them in parallel to make a longer lasting battery pack(which can be charged right through the decoder module). Then used two-sided tape to stick it to the bottom so it wasn't moving around. Then just connected the module and buttoned it all up:-). I actually have some more ideas for this thing that I will expand on when I have more time. I just wanted to get it together to see how it looked and sounded. If you like it or have any thoughts let me know.....:-)

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    5 years ago

    hello! this new boombox looks awesome! how long does the battery last? i just made one boombox myself but its on the middle size, i want to make a new one with a center speaker i got as a gift, on your title you put wireless charger and it gave me two ideas!!! one is that you can make your boombox so it charges wirelessly by buying a palm touchstone with a wireless charging enabled back plate for the palm pre... i did this to enable my lg optimus g to charge wirelessly, its on my youtube channel!!! and the second idea is enable the boombox to charge other devices wirelessly via Qi , i already have a cheap cHarger and it charges my nexus 5 and 7 beautifully!