Wireless Retro Cube Speaker W/ Rosewood




Introduction: Wireless Retro Cube Speaker W/ Rosewood

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This wireless cube speaker features a retro, simple design utilizing a metal grille and wooden surround box. It's a pretty small speaker, so it would be perfect to bring with you wherever you need some better sound, whether for music or podcasts.

Step 1: Metal Grille

For this project I'm using this wireless bluetooth speaker kit which really makes it super easy for anyone to make a speaker. This kit is from Rockler and couldn't be easier to put together, no wiring required.

I've been having this idea lately of combining aluminum and wood in a retro-looking design for a speaker, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try out the concept. First I'm simply seeing how big I want the cube and thinking about the pattern I want to create. I decided to go with a star burst pattern where the holes are close to each other in the middle, and then spread out and get further apart in a smooth, organic like design.

(There's a video of all the steps in making this speaker which is a good idea to watch to get a better perspective!)

Step 2: Cutting Aluminum to Size

Once I had all the holes drilled I sanded both sides nice and smooth. Then I cut it to size using the band saw.

Step 3: The Wooden Box

For the box, I'm using some beautiful 1/4 inch rosewood which I'm cutting to size on the table saw.

Since the aluminum is a 1/8 inch thick, I could make the dado by holding it in the box simply by making a shallow cut with the table saw blade.

I decided to make mitered cuts for the corners, here I'm using my old cross cut sled which i added a mitered cut into and this made it nice and safe to cut these small pieces.

Step 4: Glue Up

Once I had all my pieces cut up, I used masking tape as a clamp as I glued the mitered corners together with the aluminum piece inside the dado.

Step 5: Back Piece

Next drilling a hole for the back of the speaker in another piece of wood and then cutting that piece to size so it fit within the back of the cube. Also cutting little blocks for support pieces.

Step 6: Securing the Back

To secure the back piece I first glued in the little blocks and secured them with clamps. Then I drilled holes in the corner of the back piece to get it ready to be secured to the cube.

Step 7: Wood Finish

For a finish, I decided to go with shellac first and once that had dried I put on a coat of beeswax polish for an extra smooth feel.

Step 8: Assembling the Speaker

Then it was time to put the speaker in the box. Now this kit makes it incredibly easy for anyone to create a custom bluetooth speaker. It comes in two parts and you just hook the two together, it really couldn't be easier. So I'm hot gluing the speaker part to the back of my metal grille, but of course you could also design it to be visible, kind of like the back piece is here instead. I placed the other part of the speaker in the hole in the back of the speaker and then screwed it in place.

Step 9: Conclusion - Watch the Video

For a much better perspective on all the steps, make sure to watch the video!

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