Wireless Robot Controlled by Pointing With Your Smartphone or by Voice Recognition




This project is to control wireless robot by pointing with our smartphone at any direction we what the robot to go ( when the phone leans forward , backward , left or right )
Or by giving it Voice orders ( Forward , Backward , left or right ) .
We can use the same idea for chair of disabled people ,so they can only move their phones or give the chair an order by their voice .
So let's know how this is made step by step .

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Step 1: Components Needed

Hardware :
1- Arduino Uno, you can buy it from here
2- 1sheeld board , you can buy it from here ,to know how to use 1sheeld check Getting started with 1sheeld and read about Orientation Shield , Voice Recognition Shield and Text-to-Speech Shield as we will use them in our project .
3- Motor shield (Motor driver for controlling the 2 motors ) , you can buy it from here
4- robot kit , you can buy it from here
5- 2 Lithium Batteries , each one 4.2 volts , you can buy it from here
6- USB cable
7- Male/Male jumpers
8- Android Smartphone

Software :
1- Arduino IDE , you can download it from here
2- 1Sheeld Mobile application , you can download it from GOOGLE PLAY STORE

Step 2: Mounting Our Boards

- Mount and adjust 1Sheeld as illustrated here
- Mount the Motor shield over 1sheeld board
- Connect the Arduino board to your PC to burn the code ( Illustrated code attached )

Step 3: Connecting Motors and Batteries With Motor Shield

- Now connect two terminals of the left Motor to OUT1 and OUT2 , and the two terminals of the right Motor to OUT3 and OUT4
- Then connect the batteries , red wire to Vcc and black wire to GND
- Then scan for your shield and select Orientation shield , Voice recognition shield and Text to speech shield

Step 4: Now We Can Try Our Project

- lean your Smartphone forward ( you can notices on the orientation shield the values of X, Y and Z change ) , the robot moves forward
- Or you can put down your phone and use Voice Recognition shield to give voice orders ( press tap to speak )
- And finally text to speech shield will warn you if you said wrong voice order and tells you " please say your order again "

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    3 years ago

    Can you please give the Indian links for all the components/robot chassis!

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    I couldn't reach Indian links,but you can buy anything from Amazon through "Lynks" but with extra money for shipping