Wireless Security Cam




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Step 1: You Need

Container (I use a old dominoes tin but any will do) A phone with wifi compatibility (I used a blackberry 9300 model) And the charging cable (I used the factory USB that came with the phone connected to a USB to house power)

Step 2: Make the Product

Drill a hole the reason I didn't say you need a drill is because you can use a screw driver to make the hole use what you want Note it must allow the wire to go through the tin

Step 3: Software Needed

I used mobiola webcamera but you can use any I use that because it is the best that I know that works on a blackberry

Step 4: Test It Out

Put a hole for a camera and you are done test it out and you are done

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    sorry i have two accounts i am the maker of this and well here is the links you need for this

    thats all you will need the site shows you all you need to do it