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Introduction: Wireless Spy Camera

I love Raspberry pi, Nerf, Minecraft, 3D printing, and raspberry pie😁.

Hi I'm Cameron and in this instructable I show you how to make a wireless spy camera from an android phone. If you look at the picture you will see a screenshot of the footage. If you have a really good phone camera you might have fhd footage. This is an really easy project that can fit under doors and in pockets.

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Step 1: Install Droidcam

You can install droidcam from google play store, it's free!

Step 2: Open and Connect

To open droidcam, just click open while you're in the play store. Make sure you're on the same wi-fi network then open a web browser and make sure you're on the same wi-fi network. Now type in the browser ip cam access into the web page bar and hope and pray that it connects. By the way this is soooooooo slow when you're using a raspberry pi.

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