Wireless USB Temperature & Humidity Datalogger

Introduction: Wireless USB Temperature & Humidity Datalogger

U-EC6 USB Emulator Debugger source
RF-2410M source1 / source2
RF-2410U source1/ source2
SHT11 Digital Humidity & Temperature Sensor Source
Battery Holder source
Plastic Enclosure source

Source Code & Programming Utilities

Step 1: Programming USB Dongle With Inhaos Programmer

Fisrt of all programming USB Dongle with Inhaos programming Module

Step 2: Programming RF-2410M Module

Programming RF-210M Module with SILABS Debugger

Step 3: Wiring

Wiring all parts test & Mounting in case!

Step 4: WINXP & 7 Driver Setup

WINXP & 7 Driver Setup

Step 5: Reader Software Install Gather Net Application

Step 1  Sensor Settings   
Step2   Program Settings Device UID 2a2b2c    RF Channel 110     Temperature & Humidity

Step 6: Connecting to Reader Module and Test :-)

Connecting to reader module and test :-)

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    7 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction


    I do not have enough electronic experience to be able to do that but let me tell you that could perhaps be cheaper to use those two grove systems to do the same thing :

    1) the board (17 $) :


    2) the sensor (15 $) :


    or at 6$ :


    Perhaps could you then make a instructable instruction to know how to connect and use those two part of Wireless T°/H° sensor ?

    Sincerely thanks and have a nice day,

    Miguipda ;-)

    P.S. : I though use this to be abl to know the garden moisture/T°/H° to activate the sprinkler in the garden during the night. Thanks for help ;-)

    The project is not clear and pictures are not enough.
    Moreover, the source code & programming utilities cant be downloaded.
    The link doesnt work for me, could you please send them to me,
    this is my email: nihon.sahli@gmail.com


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I looks as if i could use one or several of these for recording the temp and humidity in a beehive but I'm lost when it comes to these things. Is this something you bought put together and programed? How much did it cost?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    You can make this module Approximately 80 USD
    (Without U-EC6 USB Emulator Debugger ).

    We are working for temperature and Humidity sensor Ethernet & WI-FI communication version. We want to sell online through on our website. I'll share with you all information in the near future.

    Also we add some additional options our module overetemperature overmoisture SMS alert, EMAIL Alert etc...

    Thanks in advance, for your kind reply.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool! Most of the people who will read this instructable are unfamiliar with the products you've used so I would really liked to have seen a much more detailed description of the parts as well as discussion of how and why they were used etc. The pictures and links just aren't enough.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry about that. Because I forget share the source code & document!
    Today I'll upload all of them.