Wireless Water Level Indicator


Introduction: Wireless Water Level Indicator

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Its a wireless water level indicator, but I also called its 'save water & save electricity'
Its work on embedded system and the of it is 500 ft from a center point to all direction.
but u can boost up it range by added a frequency booster device.
Now its range is 41.6 floor. its indicate that, how much water is remain in your tank and reading will show on your device.
NOTE:- both device is chargeable and those receiver is connect to your device it will charge by panel those will be connect to your tank. because we can provide electricity on the water tank. It can be harmful.

Step 1:



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    Its my passion, and in another word its my hobby,
    It enhance my knowledge and give me lot of confidence.
    Whenever I was free that time I think that, what's problems are going now a day in this world, then I try to solve it.


    I understand that you're very talented and knowledgeable, but you must know that this website is to share what to make and HOW you make it. Your instructable must contain complete step by step instructions with images of your entire building process which I don't see here. I am very sorry, but guys here will never make you win like this even though your idea is amazing.

    @Godot was also asking you for the instructions of this project. I think you misunderstood his question.

    sorry dude,
    It was my mis understanding,
    I will publish it fully procedure, How u can make it.

    I couldnt agree more. I left a similar comment on his laser alarm

    I couldnt agree more. I left a similar comment on his laser alarm

    Godot wasaskin "HOW" do you make it. Not "WHY" do you make it.
    No matter how great your ideas are, they are kinda worthless to the rest of us as long as you dont explain/show how you have done something.
    Frankly, now it is just showcasing

    Hii dear wich thing is make s it wireless..

    Please show step by step instructions on how to make your project.

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    sorry bro. now its going for patient that's why i am unable to send any info about this one.

    Hi Vipin, you are very talented and your project is good and very useful.

    Can you upload how to make this project step by step or send to my mail maheshjshetty@gmail.com

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    sorry bro. now its going for patient that's why i am unable to send any info about this one.

    Soo guys, If you have any doubt and query related to it plz, ask me friendly.

    I'll also try to give you best ans. work for next.

    I would suggest to search for a software to make schematic diagram of your project, if you are not familiar with such softwares then don't worry just take some time and try to learn it or google for tutorials, but i believe such softwares are so easy.

    Also share some tips about the project if you face any difficulties and how did you solve it.


    2 years ago

    It's completely OK bro! Don't be so serious. I was just explaining my point. Your project ideas are pretty amazing and could be made more better if you included instructions. Have your time, no problem :)