Wireless Remote Lamp Switch Hack for Home Automation.

A quick and dirty hack using an inexpensive remote switch setup.  I wanted to be able to control a few lamps from a serial port and I modified an inexpensive wireless remote to interface with a PIC16F628.  The modification is simple and uses transistors to interface with the existing buttons and DIP switches.  This setup is capable of controlling up to 128 devices with single byte instructions.  The most significant bit is reserved for on/off and the other 7 bits serve as the address.  In the future I may directly emulate the output of the HX2262 encoder, but this works well enough for what I need. 



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    2 years ago

    Well done. Still, the Elro Switch you are using is very easy to get to respond to a 50 ct 433Mhz transmitter. As you can see the code from the dipswitches you dont even need to sniff the transmitted code.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I am engineering student, i am interest in building home automation products