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Introduction: Wirelessly Connect Your Music to Anything

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Hate plugging your phone into all of these different aux cords with a lot of different confusing wires?! Well I actually don't mind, I thought that this would be a cool project to do, so thats why I did it. THis device will not only play your music throught bluetooth, it will also amplify

Step 1: Bluetooth Speaker

First you need a bluetooth speaker. I got mine at Office Depot for $11. Thought mine was cheap, the quality of music was also cheap!

Step 2: Scavage the Circuit

All you need is the circuit and the battery, but save the speaker, we are going to use it in an upcoming project. :)

So just trim the wires and unscrew the circuit.

Step 3: Solder the Aux Input

Where the speakers used to be you are going to solder an aux input there. When you have done that test it with your headphones to make sure everything is working fine. Because the music is amplified you should be able to add a resistor to soften the music. (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong!)

Step 4: Compacting Everything

Now it is time to compact everything and make it really small!! to do this I used tape to connect the battery to the circuit. After that I put the aux output right behind the switch.

Step 5: Now the Case

The case can be made of whatever you want, however I printed mine. the case I designed only works with the bluetooth speaker brand because I'm sure all of the circuits will look different. But I would love to see the cases that anyone else has designed!

Step 6: Glue It All Together

Hot glue is the way to go! I hot glued everything together. I glued the circuit into the box and than the lid onto that. The lid I made didn't fit too well because of the tolerance.

Step 7: Put It to Work!!

Whether it is on your earphones or hanging from your belt this thing is gonna work! You could use this in areas to which you wouldn't want to expose your phone to, such as, the bathroom the beach or at school! Have fun making this!!



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    12 Discussions

    this is awesome!!!

    iv actually needed something like this!

    I did something like that except I rigged it to my stereo

    Just saw this. Very cool instructable. I've wanted to do something similar for a while now, but I hadn't considered robbing the bluetooth receiver from a cheap speaker.

    How's the sound quality?

    I have a car stereo in a toolbox at work and I built one of these earlier this week so my boss wouldn't keep yelling at me for walking over to it all the time to change the song

    1 reply

    If you mean buy the bluetooth speaker, I bought it so I could use bluetooth to connect my phone to it wirelessly. Its cheaper than making your own from scratch. I remixed the whole thing that way it is smaller and more compact, an that way I could make anything my speaker, because the bluetooth modem amplifies the music. :)

    It is like &10

    What a great innovation. Just want to check with you, the bluetooth speaker is a mono speaker right? Then the audio will be compressed stereo-to-mono audio output to your earphones?

    1 reply

    Thanks! I believe that the speaker is mono, because it has one speaker. So the music is compressed stereo-to-mono.