Wiring a Tactical LED for an External Power Source




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If you want a flashlight to run longer and possibly brighter, you can use a higher capacity battery. To do this, you will need the battery to be wired externally. A Techlite Lumen Master 200 flashlight was used.

Step 1: Cut Wooden Dowel

Step 2: Drill the Dowel's Ends for a Wire

Make sure that the wire can go all the way through.

Step 3: Drill One End of the Dowel for the Spring

The hole should be wide enough for the spring and shallow enough for the spring to be exposed.

Step 4: Solder the Positive Wire to the Spring

Step 5: Glue the Spring to the Dowel

Step 6: Drill the Side of the Flashlight

The screws would be used to hold the dowels inside. One of the screws would connect to the negative terminal of your battery pack. The drilled holes need to be threaded.

Step 7: Drill the Side of the Dowel

Before marking them, make sure that the spring would be depressed. Drill the dowel. Make sure that the drill bit doesn't touch the wire inside.

Step 8: Insert the Screws

The screw may need to be shortened. A ring terminal was used for the negative wire. Washers were used to keep the screws locked.



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    Good ideas. Thanks!