Wiry Stars

Introduction: Wiry Stars

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I've made multiple types of scuptures befor. However, one day i made a coil that seemed to impress everybody. All I had done was wrap a paper clip around a pencil and voilà.

Then, I decided, if everybody though the coil was complex well then a star would be extreme complex.

And so, I have made Wiry Stars.

This is for impressing your friends and people who work with you. These are not intended as weapons.

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Step 1: Supplies, Supplies and Even More Supplies.

You will need:
Paper Clips
More Paper Clips


Even more paper

Step 2: Sketch.

Unless you can understand the first picture, I think that you should look at the other.

Step 3: Build.

Start by unbending the paper clip with the pliers.

Then, bend one off tho an angle, by following you sketch.

After that, bend it up to create the figure in the third picture. The fold should be shorter by 1 millimeter.

Bend it over like in your sketch.

Then, go under the V you made.

To lock it, take the loose end and put it over the last line.

Bend over to create a "pocket" to lock it tight. by creating a loop around the loose end.

Step 4: Enjoy.

Time to impress your buddies.

As always...if you experience any problems leave a comment and I will try my best to help you.

If you did make it successfully well then...leave a comment saying you made it successfully!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Cool, great for the office xmas tree!