Wisconsin State String Art

Introduction: Wisconsin State String Art

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Theses state string art project are fun to make and look cool. basically you nail your boarder I used my state Wisconsin. Then nail a star where the capital is and string thread back and forth between the star and the boarder. I also added el wire to the boarder of my project. I printed my state outline from this website.

you'll need these

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies:


tape measure

circular saw

paint brush






el wire


Step 2: Sand and Prime:

Your going to need a piece of wood for this project. I'm making two so I cut a 4 foot piece of wood in half making two. They are each 2 feet x 2 feet which fit my outline pretty good. I used 3/4 inch mdf boards I got at the hardware store for less than ten bucks. I then sanded down the edges and the front. Then I used a paint brush and painted on the colors. Let this dry and start nailing.

Step 3: Nailing:

After you paint has dried your ready to add your nails. Take your printed out outline of your state and tape it down to your wood with scotch tape. I used 1 1/4 inch nails for mine, and I nailed them into the wood about 3/8 to a 1/2 inch leaving about 3/4 an inch out of the wood. I nailed the nails pretty close together. I also cut the star out and nailed around that. There are tools you can by that hold nails to make it easier.

Step 4: Stringing

Once you have your nails all nailed in and star nailed your ready to sting your art. I used twist ties to sercure the el wire to out side outline of the state so that it lights up at night. I looks pretty cool its hard to justify it in a picture. Now your ready to sting the thread. You start by tying a knot around one of the nails in the star make sure to tie it tight. Then start threading it around the border. I wrapped the string around the border nail one time then back to the nail in the star. You wanna count the nails in the border and then divide it by the number of nails in the star. This will give you the aproximate number of nails in the star per nails in the border. Then you wanna tie it off tight. I tied a few knots so that if the string broke the whole thing would not unravel.

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