Wish for You Necklace

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Step 1: Attach Fold Overs to Silk Cords

Divide the 20 inch silk cords into three groups of three cords each. Select one group and position the end of each cord together in a single fold over cord end. Using your chain nose pliers close the cord end securely onto the cords. Finish the other ends of this group of cords with a second fold over cord end. Repeat with all cord groups and remaining fold over cord ends.

Step 2: Group Fold Overs Underneath Bead Cap

Place a small drop of Fray Check on one end of a 6 inch silk cord section. Twist the end until a point appears and allow this to dry for approximately 1 minute. Thread the silk through a bead cap as shown. Thread the silk through the loops on 3 of the cord ends and then back through the bead cap. Pull silk snug, positioning the fold over cord ends inside the bead cap.

Step 3: Attach Silk to Chain

Feed one end of each chain section onto the silk and knot the silk around the chain. Pull the knot tight. With scissors, trim ends of the silk to ½ inch. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to finish the other side of the necklace.

Step 4: Attach Oyster Charm

With the remaining 6 inch section of silk tie the oyster charm to the shorter chain section as shown. Trim silk ends to ½ inch.



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