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A friend asked for a rustic well to hold wedding cards to her rustic themed wedding.

Mats used
Kingsland 2 inch by 3'
Marine ply 1/4 by 2' by 6'
Rough cut 2" x 2" for struts 6' long
Dowel 1/2"
Off cuts of pallet wood
Bark sheets for shingles
2 x Screws with eyes
Rough rope
Babybell wax
Air dry clay
Chamomile tea for moss effect
Outdoor wood paint in different shades of grey and a small pot of white
Patio sealer
Screws various sizes
Counter sink screw bit
Scroll saw
Burning tool

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Step 1: Base

I used marine ply for base and roof. Base cut to size required using pencil and string to get diameter. Roof attached together at 90' and up rights are 2x2 roofing rough wood.
Attached structs to base with. 3 degrees cut so they have a slight of angle look when finished for the rustic look, can be cut 90 degrees if required for a more uniformed look.

Step 2: Stone Work

This is called kingspan in the UK, a foam insulation for walls and roofing. This was cut into random size blocks and shaped and placed around the base, over hanging slightly so the Base could not be seen.
Once I had cut them to shape I would use an all weather Epoxy to stick them down and then do the same on each level.
Experiment with heights required for your well, I went up 4 blocks.

Step 3: Bucket Pole

I used a piece of dowel for the pole and handle, I shaped an off cut of pallet wood and drilled and attached, this is best done before attaching the struts to the Base... Oops
Also added cut up pallet sides to fix roof by counter sinking them to the strut and then the roof to the pelleted sides.

Step 4: Painting Stone Effect

I watched a few you tune videos of the guys who make war game scenery,
I picked holes in the kingspan to give the stone a more realistic look and then started off painting them with a dark grey, and just dry brushed a lighter grey then a white to get stone effect.
Very interesting effect.
Side note, then paint attached first time without any prep or undercoat.

Step 5: Staining

I stained the struts with an oak stain, I slightly burnt the wood with a below touch to give it an ages effect.
I also cut the heart out using an off cut from the ply. Used to screws with eyes to attach the rope, this can be done later, I was just waiting for stain to dry so made. It while I had time.

Step 6: Roof

The bark came in sheets off ebay, cheaper than I thought and I cut these into shapes the same size as the blocks, to give the impression it was all the same size.
I would give dimensions, but it will be individually to the size of well you make.
The bark does come naturally bend, so I used epoxy under each one and screwed then down and removed holding screws the next day once set.
I molded some air dry clay for the top of the roof and let them dry over night before painting and sealing them, I painted them terracotta first and then a grey paint over that once dry for the aged effect again

Step 7: Moss Effect

I used pva and just brushed it into the joints on the brick work and roof tiles, then opened a few bags of chamomile tea and threw it at it, I let it set and then blew it off.
Once dry stained on the roof and brickwork and I used the patio seal to coat them to keep it all in the place they fell

Step 8: Heart in Lights

I painted the heart in the same terracotta colour and once dry drew on the words in pencil, once happy I used a burning tool to set the letters in. I attached the rope by winding it around a few times and Epoxy to hold it in place, then through the screw eyes and wound and epoxied the other side
I attached fairy lights and sealed the well from head to toe a couple of times over the next few days.

Step 9: Finish With Flowers

I just picked weeds out of the bottom of the garden and bunched them together and put them in the cracks...
Quite nice effect.

I know this has been a bit rushed, so any questions I would be happy to answer...
Thanks for looking and it's a wonderful project to do.

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Kink Jarfold
Kink Jarfold

1 year ago on Step 9

This came out great. I really like the little finishing touches like the moss and things growing from the cracks. KJ


This looks great. It would be a perfect way to make a set prop for a theater.


Reply 1 year ago

You are completely right, it is so light though, it would be off in a high wind.