Wisp of Bast, From Used PET Bottle.





Introduction: Wisp of Bast, From Used PET Bottle.

This Instructable will show you how to craft wisp of bast ,from used PET (pet ; ) )bottles.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Tangle it .

Step 3: Finished!

Clean the apartment,wash up...etc.!



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    in what country do they use the term wisp of bast? what is wisp of bast? tnx

    I was thinking how to make an new doormat to clean my shoes when I entered my home, but now I know it.... thanks !!!

    By the picture in the intro (you cleaning the plate) and the name "wisp of bast" I thought this was some kind of food.

    I've used the netting that onions come in for cleaning. Wad it up and wrap the string around it, tie and scrub.

    Neat idea. I had to look up 'wisp of bast', I've never heard it before, I just call it a kitchen scrubber or just 'scrubby', now I know a fancier name!

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    I would suggest leave a tail several inches long and tie a series of knots all along the string than when you come to the end of the string leave another tail several inches long. Then using the tail loosely weave the series of knots in and out among themselves in a circular fashion when all the knotted string has been woven through itself tie off the two strings. You should then be left with more of a cohesive ball of string which would be easier to manage and hold to perform household duties & easier to use again. The knots also would provide more friction when the string is used to clean items.