Witch Finger Bread



Introduction: Witch Finger Bread

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This is a simple idea where you can create bread that resembles plain or "Hairy" witch fingers!

You will need:

  • A Bread Recipe (I used a bread mix because it was cheese and onion and smelled amazing)
  • Onion cut into the shape of finger nails
  • Green Food coloring
  • Optional Cheese.

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Step 1: Let's Put It All Together!

You can watch my instructional video above or here. To learn how to put these ingredients together to form the spooky witch fingers or continue to the next step to read the guide!

Step 2: Let's Get Baking!

Mix up your bread recipe following your packet or recipe.

During the stage in which you are kneading the dough, simply pour in several teaspoons of green food coloring. The darker the better as when the bread cooks the colour fades.

Then follow your bread recipe until the stage when you put the dough onto a cooking pan. As at this point you will then form long and very thin shapes with your dough. These will be your witch fingers. You want these quite thin as during the baking process they will rise considerably and may lose their shape.

Let these rest for five minutes on the pan to rise slightly.

Whilst you wait cut your onion into finger nail shapes, these should be quite pointy like a witches could be.

Attach these to the tips of your bread fingers and with a knife indent some wrinkles into the bread fingers.

Then bake.

Your fingers are now complete and read to serve with some bloody red salsa!

Optional: Grate some cheese over your fingers either after baking or during to form "Hairy" Witch fingers. Which also add some extra flavor!

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