Witches Potion Supplies! Halloween Rocks!

We made these for our resident Witch. They are a great addition her potion making supplies! And she really need something to keep her busy after the death of her sisters one was crushed by a mobile home and the other drowned in a bucket of water. JK 

We are finding a number of uses for the "Water Gems" for Halloween.

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Step 1: Get Your Supplies!

We got Black and Blue"Water Gems" from a local craft store for $2.99. The Bottles from "Michael s" Or any where. One came from Salvation Army for a Quarter!  

Water Gems come in a variety of colors we will likely go back and get red and green too.  For Troll boogers and Imp blood! 

Step 2: We Pre-soaked Our Water Gems

We pre-soaked our Water Gems this worked well and allowed the gems to fully expand. But we really didn't need too the next ones we did we just added water to the bottles and corked it and allowed them to expand in the bottle. 

We used a half a teaspoon in a medium bottle.  About 50 gems. 

Step 3: Fill Your Bottles

We filled our bottles with the gems. Eeeewww! Eye of Newt or Testiculus of Bat!

Step 4: Aged Paper With Tea Bags.

We did the Tea bag aged paper trick. Just take a pan an place your paper one sheet at a time in some tea and water. I like to open the tea bags and sprinkle the grounds. It makes a pattern of stain I prefer for aging. 
Then you let your pages dry.

I use a cookie sheet and let them sit for a day. 
The get on the internet. I Googled "Eye of Newt, Witch Potions and Halloween labels"  and found lots once I settled on one I use my aged paper and my printer to make my labels. You will have to experiment for size for your bottles. 

Step 5: Finishing Them Up!

I trimmed the labels to fit the bottles. Got my glue stick out and coated the back of the label and stuck it on.  I like to use Florescent colors in my bottles so they look good under black light. 

I use highlighter ink to color the water I add. But be aware not all highlighters are florescent. So I test them. 

I've also used Laundry detergent like Tide to get a nice blue florescent liquid . Tide contains phosphors, which is the same type of product used in fluorescent lighting.

Step 6: Hope You Enjoy It.

We hope you enjoy the Instructable and its a new twist on your potion making supplies. 

Have a Happy Halloween 
From the Bad Leprechauns
Any questions or suggestion  we  love Positive or kindly worded negitive feedback

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    5 Discussions


    6 years ago on Step 6

    great job they look amazing. Another alternative to tide or highlighter ink is squirt and tonic water mixed plus food coloring of your choice (except red cause the green/yellow of the squirt will mix and make a nasty brown). The effect is not as vivid as yours BUT it is food safe meaning if some naughty monkey ever tried to drink the bottle they would be okay. I made some alice in wonderland "Drink Me" bottles with it and since the label said drink me i didnt want people falling for the peer pressure and dieing.

    Oooh, awesome! Have you heard of tapioca pearls or boba? That would be great to use because you can eat them (they taste good) so it would be even creepier!

    1 reply

    6 years ago on Introduction

    these are cool ! I've never seen "water gems" I'll have to look next time I'm at the craft store. I like using clear acrylic paint to attach labels, add just the barest touch of burnt sienna to the clear for the over coat, You can add extra in some ares if needed. Here's 2 recent labels I've made for this years HAUNT

    1 reply