Introduction: Witchlight

Here is an easy and cheap lamp shade, that has a handle so you can put it or hang it anywhere. 
You can fold it out, when you want to store it so it doesn't take up a lot of space.
Even though it is well designed it is still very cheap to make. All you need is a sheet of plastic and a hobby knife or even better a laser cutter.
Follow the instructions and you will have a witchlight in a few minutes. 

To make the Witchlight use the plan above. You will have to cut out all the straight lines and fold all the dashed lines. Add a light bulb with a socket and wire and you are good to go!   

We hope you will vote for us, so that we in the future can craft many other things, including the Witchlight, with the laser cutter. 

How to fold Witchlight: 

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    this is an interesting design but I don't see where you got the witch part of the name, there is no brim to make it look like a stereotypical witches hat, the peak of the cone isn't twisted and there doesn't seem to be any "magical" way to turn the light on or off.