With Love Frog




I am going to make a simple frog using polymer clay (green,yellow,red and blue).

Step 1:

You can make one big round ball in whatever colour you like for the body of the frog. Here, I am using green colour and yellow.

Step 2: Body

Place small yellow ball above the green ball and press the yellow ball flat on the round shape. Mold one side smaller than the other as shown in the figure.

Step 3: Head and Eyes

Take another green round ball and smooch onto the work surface to make them flat (as shown in the figure).Using your needle tool, mark the mouth and make a curved line. To make the mouth more gaping, use a razor and cut.

For the Eyes:

Use small green balls to make the eyes. Take another small yellow ball which is smaller than green balls and press it on the green one. Next, place very small blue or black ball over the eye ball as shown in the figure. Place the eye ball on the flatten green clay.

Step 4: Hands and Legs

Take 4 even balls of clay.Mold into a teardrop shape and smooch onto the work surface to make them flat.Cut grooves in the middle of the widest part.Cut two more grooves (one on each side) to make the four “toes”.Lengthen and shape the toes using needle tools and your fingers.

Step 5: Full Body Structure

Place the head on the top of the body and the legs on the sides.

Step 6: Heart

Take red color and make it round shape and press as shown in the figure.

Cut at the top in v –shape and shape it

Place it on the frog as shown in the figure.



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