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Introduction: Wizarding Organizer Box

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We are lucky enough to own the amazing Harry Potter Blu-ray/DVD Collection in a display with all its nooks and drawers. Then, browsing in our local bed & bath shop, we happened across the Lori Greiner makeup organizer and thought, A-HA! Let's just try making one of those great organizer boxes ourselves! So we bring to you: The Wizarding Organizer Box.

You can use any multi-drawer organizer for this project. The techniques should apply to any plastic or wooden boxes.

Step 1: Assemble Your Materials.

You will need:

  • Small hack saw for taking apart your original box
  • Antique white acrylic paint
  • Gold acrylic paint
  • Dk.Green acrylic paint
  • Dk. Blue acrylic paint
  • Burgundy acrylic paint
  • Small shallow containers for paint
  • Narrow Paint brushes
  • Antique white spray paint
  • Burgundy spray paint
  • Painters tape
  • Rags
  • Metallic gold paint marker
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • ArtMinds Antique Wax
  • Small ring drawer pulls

Step 2: Take Apart Your Original Box and Apply Your Base Paints.

We started by sawing through the wooden dowels that act as hinges so that the drawers turn out and took the box apart.

We taped off the edges and painted everything on the inside of each section with a cream colored spray paint. We had to go over this with acrylic crafting paint to get into all the nooks and crannies.

We also painted over the mirror.

We then stacked the box back together and painted the outside with a deep red spray paint.

Step 3: Add the Diamond Patterns.

Now for the diamond pattern on the inside of the drawers.

We measured off the area into equal squares and triangles in pencil.

Then we taped off the edges of one color at a time and painted that color. Let it dry well so that the tape doesn’t pull the paint off.

Re-tape and paint each color in turn.

Please note that the paint colors are a little brighter before the box is antiqued.

Step 4: Add the Gold Lines and Stars.

Next measure off the outside of the box into equal squares and mark for the gold lines in pencil.

Note that some of the squares fall across the edges of the drawers.

With a careful hand and a ruler use the gold paint marker to mark the gold lines onto the outside of the box.

Draw a small star at the junctions of the squares.

We marked gold squares onto the inside of the lid and outlined the diamond pattern on the drawers as well.

Step 5: Apply the Antiquing.

Wax the entire box inside and out with Antique Wax to give it an antique finish.

This wax paint is made for use with chalk paint and is great because it does not remove other paints the way some oil based waxes can.

If you need to even out the antique color then go over the brown wax with a clear wax and rub it around a bit. Allow this to dry.

Step 6: Add Your Drawer Pulls.

We added small antique brass pull rings to look as much as possible like our inspiration piece.

Step 7: Reassemble Your Box and Add a Final Decal.

The last step is to apply a decal to the inside of the lid.

The decal we found was printed on white vinyl so we trimmed it to the edge of the printing.

Apply this using the gold lines to make sure to get it straight.

We wiped a light coating of brown wax over this to blend it in with the rest of the box.

We reassembled the box using the same dowel that we cut off by putting a spring down in the hole before forcing the rod back under the lip at the top.

Put the lid back on with the original screws and you are done.

Accio Organizer!

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    Thank you very much! I am delighted that my first ever Instructable did so well. It was synergistic that my idea for the box coincided with the Wizard contest. There were some really great entries in the contest so I feel very encouraged to to have actually won a prize.

    Congratulations on your second prize!

    Thanks for the info about the Japanese saw. We have one of those but I put down to use a small hacksaw because I thought people would be more likely to have one of those. My main interest in the various boxes was that they reminded me of the Wizard's DVD set which was based on the Weasley's Snackboxes. Thanks for all your interest and comments.

    There are several variations of this box available or previously available. You can find some of the older ones on Ebay. There are makeup and jewelry boxes. the Makeup boxes are all similar except for trim and number of levels. Ditto the jewelry boxes. The main difference between makeup & jewelry boxes is that the top level of the jewelry boxes has several racks for earrings. Take a look at one of the jewelry boxes before you buy.

    4 replies

    Are you talking about the boxes that can be altered or boxes that already look like something from Harry Potter. Either way I would be interested in seeing them. Thanks for the information.

    I am talking about variations of the same box that was modified in this instructable. I found them by searching for "Lori Greiner Makeup box". They all look very similar except for the door trim and the number of compartments, so you may have seen them and not caught the differences.

    3 Level Makeup.jpg4 Level Jewelry.jpg4 Level Makup.jpg5 Level Jewelry.jpg

    Looks to me like the manufacturer was getting continued request for bigger boxes!

    Here's an interior of a jewelry box. If you used this type you could use the earring racks to display small items or remove them for a bigger space.

    Here's a Video


    Jewelry box interior.jpg

    If you had multiples of the exact same box (every one has slightly different dimensions) you could probably mix & match to come up with your own unique combo.

    Here is a video that shows something called a "Japanese Saw" that might be better than a hacksaw for cutting the dowels.Look at 8:05.


    Never mind, did a bit of a search and found it -


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    It looks like one of the skiving snackbox organizers from the movie! I'd love to have on of those, I made a couple of skiving snackbox treats in my instructable!

    1 reply

    although i like the Box you made, i really love the one in the third picture.. is that the original from the movie or is that another project? Are there more pictures to it?

    May I ask where you purchased the make-up box? Do you have a link or a description of the item so we might be able to find something similar? Thanks!

    When I saw this in my email..I thought you built this box..Disappointed you just bought one and painted it..Still looks cool though..

    1 reply

    If you can built a box like this I would be very impressed. My specialty is recycling, up-cycling, etc. Not as good at making from scratch.

    Where can i get one of those box


    2 years ago

    Beautiful !