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Hi, so... you're a wizard, huh? Or are you larping...as a wizard? Or maybe you just like to wear mysterious stuff? Either way, here's a tutorial so you can make your own pair of these earrings.



2 earring hooks



x-acto knife


round-nose pliers

2 fake pearl beads


These gems are very very common there days, you can buy them mostly stores in indoor decoration sections, gardening shop maybe, also in stores with mixed goods, or on the internet.

Just try Google (or "Google images" right away), search for acrylic gem stones, decorative gem stones, ect.

You'll find them really soon. They're cheap and look quite good. BUT buy rather quality then quantity.

Here are just two links i found in a matter of seconds. (not sure about the quality here, it's better buy them personally in a store)



The shape is only one, but there are many colors to choose from. I'm using just clear ones. And if make your own earrings with different colours, i'd be happy to see them in comments. Just post a photo there :)
i: i'll be making more things like this, so follow me here on Instructables or Youtube if you like :)

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Step 1: Prepare Stones

Each stone has an imperfection on top, a little "tail", that is because of the proces which has been made. It doesn't look good often. So start with that.

Take an x-acto knife and cut it off. But not just the "tail" but slightly more. I wasn't able to take a good photo so i drew it as you can see. We'll need a flat surface there,2 to 3 milimeters in diameter. We will be putting a wire there, so it's up to your dexterity. Smaller looks better. But as i said, these gems are pretty cheap so,yeah... Just try it.

Step 2: Attaching Wire to Gem

Let's put a wire into the gem now. I'm using silver plated wire, about 0,7 or 0,8 millimeters in diameter.

You can drill a hole and glue it of course, but i don't have such a small one, so I'm using heat.

Use pliers to catch the wire on one side and the other side of the wire gently push against the gem (that flat surface we've made). Hint: wire with pointy end prevents it slighting off.

Then heat the wire it with a candle. Heat it close to pliers while you're still pushing. Start slowly.

After few seconds you'll see the wire going inside the gem. You don't need it to go too deep, 3 millimeters is enough. Now let go, just hold the gem, remove it from heat. It gonna cool down.

I am using this technique because,even when it might look difficult, it's quite easy. But mostly because when you heat up the wire fire first and then try to push it into the gem, it's too hot,it melts it very fast or not at all. Also you won't get that deep many times. And if you do, you'd have to have really steady hands to hold it perfectly still until it cools down, otherwise the wire won't hold so well.

Step 3: Pearls

Cut off that burned part of the wire. I'm not a propper jewellery maker, so i never know how much wire to cut off or leave. About 1,2 centimeters should be good. Rather leave there more then less. And after cutting, use round-nose pliers or a nail, to make a ring/cirle there.

These fake pearl beads (4 millimeters in diameter) are added for better look and they help to hide that spot where we've inserted wire.

Step 4: Hooks

Final step is obvious. Round-nose pliers are use to add hooks (silver plated) and we're done i guess.

And again, if you make these you can post a photo in comments to inspire others with different colours, beads or modifications....

Thanks and Have a nice day everyone :)

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    3 years ago

    What a clean way of attaching beads by melting plastic!