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Introduction: Wobble Chainmaille Neckace

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Create this simple and colorful chainmaille necklace designed by Omni Mee that has lots of movement and looks more complicated than it really is = will impress your friends.

Materials needed - Included are Rings Per Inch (RPI) for this weave and total rings needed for 18" necklace

  • Large Rings = T16* (16 SWG 3/8” / 9.5 mm) - 4rpi (72 total)
  • Medium Rings = L16* (16 SWG 1/4” / 6.4 mm) - 4rpi (72 total)
  • Clasp rings x 2 - size L16 (as above)
  • Lobster claw x 1

*This tutorial uses two colors for each of these ring sizes: Color #1 = purple, Color #2 = copper

To create this project, you will need two pairs of flat-nosed pliers. We recommend Euro Tool ergos for this project.

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Step 1: Prep Your Rings

Pre-close all medium color #1 and large color #2.

Pre-open all medium color #2 and large color #1.

Arrange the pre-closed rings as shown.

Step 2:

With an open medium color #2 ring scoop up two units from your prep step. Close the ring.

Step 3:

Following the same path as in step 2, weave a large color #1 ring through the two units. Make sure the ring does not weave through the medium color #2 ring. Close the ring.

Step 4:

Complete your desired length by scooping up one prep unit with a medium color #2 & a large color #1 ring.

Step 5:

Attach a lobster claw to one end with a medium color #2 ring and a single medium ring on the opposite end. You're done!

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