Wolf Hood / Animal Hood - All Sizes




Introduction: Wolf Hood / Animal Hood - All Sizes

With this easy tutorial I've put together you can now all have your spirit animal on your head ;)

This tutorial is for all sizes, I will show you how to make the pattern to size.

What you will need;

* A hoodie that fits the person you're making the hood for well.

* Basic sewing stuff like a machine and so on.

* Also a needle since you will have to do some of the sewing by hand.

* I use 1 m faux fur and 1 m lining for any adult size. You will need a lot less for a kids hood.

* A newspaper or patternpaper to make your pattern

* If you want paws, get a little piece of scrap fleece.

* Optional: Stanley knife and a piece of wood if you don't want your room to look all fluffed up after cutting the fur.

Soooo... Let's get started!!

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Step 1: Making Your Pattern

Take your newspaper or patternpaper and put it on a table.
Fold the hoodie in half and put it on the paper. Make sure the line of the front of the hoodie is in line with your paper.

On the bottom of the hoodie you need to leave some space if you want the hood to be long enough. Or if you want pockets.

Trace the hood just a bit bigger on the paper. Then put the sleeve under the line of the hood you've drawn and trace it. Cut your pattern, it should look a bit like the hood-pattern on the picture. Depending on what kind of hoodie you used to make the pattern this can differ quite a bit.

Make your ears the way you want it, it can be anything you want them to be.
At this point I also cut pawprints but I only use them on the adult size because the little ones are too little to fit my pawprints on them. If you want to make small ones, go ahead and do it!

Step 2: Draw and Cut Your Pattern

Now trace every pattern twice on your faux fur and your lining.

Make sure you make a left and a right one!!!! I use the little bit on the bottom of your pattern to make pockets. Just fold them to trace them on the fabric.

Now it's time to cut them.

If you don't want a mess in your room use the stanley knife to cut your faux fur. Put the piece of wood under it to protect your table.

I forgot to take the picture when I was making the grey hood so I took it when I was cutting a smaller one. I made it with an other hoodie so you can see in that picture how much the hood pattern can differ. They still came out looking on point don't worry ;)

Step 3: Sew the Ears and Pockets

Pin your ears and pockets good side in.

Sew along the lines I drew on the picture. Then turn them inside out.

For the pockets you only have to sew one piece to the other, leave every other side open.

Optional: If you want you can sew your pawprints on the good side of the long "sleeves" of the lining.

Step 4: Sew the Hood

Pin both the hood and lining together inside out.

Sew along the back and turn them right side out.

Now you want to take your ears and sew them on by hand.

I choose to fold them a little to make them stand up easier.

Step 5: Pin It All Together

This is a tricky step if you are adding pockets. You have to make sure they are facing the right way if the hood is finished. First place the hood and lining togheter inside out and leave only the pockets open.

Make sure the fur of the pockets is facing the same way as the fur of your "sleeve". If everything lays the correct way pin them together. Make sure you will be sewing all layers of fabric!!! You don't want any holes in your pockets!!

Step 6: Finish Your Hood!!

Now sew everyhting together leaving a hole in the neck of the hood. You need this to pull everything inside out.

If you have pulled everything trough the little hole, sew it by hand. You now have a finished animal hood!!

Step 7: Enjoy What You Have Made ;)

Tadaaaaaaaaaa done!!!

Be proud of what you have made and enjoy it to the fullest!!!

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