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Introduction: Wolverine Claws

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Want to make some super amazing Wolverine claws on the cheap?
I made some for 5 dollars!
Tools I used:
Acetylene Cutting Torch (dremel or grinder would work)
Bench Grinder
Welder (I used an arc welder, but any type is fine)
Dremel with grinding wheel for fine tuning

3 pairs of ice skates (as close to the same size as possible) - $1.75 a pair at thrift shop
A few 20d nails - free
2 1/4 bolts (or any metal rod) - free

So here we go...

Step 1: Making the Blades Pt 1

So I needed some metal bars for the blades, and instead of buying metal bar stock I opted for using ice skate blades - cheap from the thrift store, and they're temper steel - so solid stuff

I used my friends torch to cut the blades from the shoe, which generally involved catching the shoe on fire...
Kinda fun, though it made the entire garage smoked out....

Once they were cut off I starting on the shaping process...

Step 2: Making the Blades Pt 2 - Shaping

I drew the rough shape i wanted using a sharpie on each blade, then used my bench grinder to remove material up the drawing lines on each - This was by far the longest and most labor intensive part of the process

Each one had the blade shape and a tang, so that there was a recess at the end to fit over my knuckle
I also put a bit of an edge on them

Step 3: Making the Blades Pt 3 - Assembly

After most of the shaping was done, I held the blades between my knuckles to get a feel for the spacing and such
Then I took the nails (really any thin, malleable metal rod will do as long as its weldable) and bent them in a broad 90ish degree
Using a magnet to hold the pieces in place, I welded one at the end just before the knuckle recess on each blade
Then I took the first blade and welded it to the bolt - it took some trial and error to find the right angle and fit for my hand, which would be different for each person
With the first one in place, I used a piece of cardboard as a jig to hold the other two blades in place while I welded them on

Almost done!

Step 4: Finishing

All that was left was to clean up the welds with my dremel, and do some fine tuning for the knuckle spaces and clean up any rough grind marks. I didn't polish them, I kind of liked the rough look

Got some dog tags and a cigar, and voila! Instant Wolverine.

I ended up blunting the edges and tips before I wore them, they were actually pretty stinking sharp at first... though they still skewer chicken nuggets well.

And I managed to complete bury them in a pumpkin. Extremely satisfying.


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    Overnight me a pair. I'm in texas I'll pay you 15.00 plus shipping

    If you add a piece of form fitted steel to the to underside of the claws it would be perfect to protect the top of your hand & they can be left sharp for slicing as well or use chainmail gloves with leather fingertipless gloves over the top they would go well with the x men outfit.

    Awesome, my friend!

    Too bad ComicCon wouldn't let me in the door with these. :-(

    Good job!

    And for those who want to learn to draw Wolverine claws: http://www.drawingforall.net/how-to-draw-wolverine-claws/

    That is Genius, especially with the ice skate blades! I would have to make mine out of plastic from fish-tub lids; because I plan on wearing them as a costume to a hardcore/metal show at a venue on Halloween night and I don't want any moshers crashing into me and getting stabbed by my claws. lol

    Nice!! I gotta go to the thrift store more often. That is the coolest pair I've seen yet


    4 years ago

    maybe sugru the ends and wear over bike gloves to look like the little caps from his costume

    oh good thing i have three extra pairs of ice skates in the garage...... (sarcasim) hahaha but this is honestly amazing great job :)

    1 reply

    Made a different version

    13, 3:55 PM.jpg13, 3:55 PM.jpg13, 3:55 PM.jpg

    Watch out when you've got these on, if anything pushes on the "blade" ends, it could lever the other end into the back of your hand. Maybe a safety extension needs to go up the forearm?

    1 reply

    They definitely could chafe between my knuckles after a while, but it wasn't all that bad. If I wanted to really mess around (like impaling a pumpkin) I'd were some mechanics gloves for cushioning, and it worked great. I could even pick up a decent sized pumpkin!

    you lack the muscles.. but otherwise a sweet, rippin' instructable!

    Amazing job!
    That's extremely well done, congrats!

    Any project that starts out with someone dramatically flaring a plasma cutter is bound to be awesome. THis one does not disappoint.