Wolverine Kid Costume (foam)

My kid (and I) always wanted a Wolverin costume...


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Step 1: Process

- foam: gym carpets
- model: pepakura foam wolverine cowl, 90% sized to fit the kid's head
- improvisation for the body and the claws

  • Hot glue gun
  • Sharp knife
  • Scratch

Of course in order to avoid painting, you must choose the right foam carpets color!!

The hot glue gun is a Must to Use.

The pepakura model is easy to find (thanks Goooogle), you just have to print, use some needels to stick the paper to the foam and than sharp knife cuting work !

I used some imagination to make the body costume and a tuto found in Instrctables to make the foam claws.


the kid's joy. :-P

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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    well, thanks.

    I don't know this kind of glue, can you give me a link to have an exemple please?