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Introduction: Wolverine Claws on the Cheap

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So my son wanted to be Wolverine for Halloween. Well, for everyday really, but particularly for Halloween. Easy enough with today's selection of ready-made costumes. So off to Wallymart for a cool costume. No problem they had one, nice enough. Cool mask, but what?! no claws?!! My son was elated (at the sight of the costume) and then deflated (realizing there were no claws).
"No problem," I said " Dad'll fix it.".
Sure I would, but how? I didn't see any at the store, and even if they were there, they would probably be the same price as the costume itself. I am too cheap for that. But I'd made a promise. No worries, how hard could it be?
Turns out, not hard at all, if you have ten minutes and about four bucks, I will show you how I did it. (with leftovers, and why do I keep all this crap....)

Step 1: Stuff You Need

First thing to do when you are in a maker fix, get some inspiration. I often get mine on the cheap from the 1$ store. So that's where I went and once again they came through for me.
I purchased two Kruegar type gloves and was on my way.
You will also need two of these, they are a high ticket item and rang up at 2$ a pop. 4$. dang. Oh well.

Other things you will need are

- a marking device (sharpies are nice)
- some plastic (I had some polystyrene, because I have a lot of junk, but anything lite and a little flexible will do, flexible binders come to mind.)
- some clothing elastic band. (I had a strip of nice subtle underwear band)
- hot glue
- a drill
- a tracing of your child's hand (or the hand that they are for)

Step 2: Kill Freddy

Well okay, destroy Freddie's glove I guess, which kill him in one movie doesn't it? Anyways. Have a look at the glove; the metal blade bits are what you want.
Carefully pop them all off, you will only need six, as Wolverine has six claws.
Next cut off some of the material from each side of where the plastic would have wrapped over your fingertip. (see the photo below)
Do this for each side of each finger.
I only photographed for one claw set. you have to imagine that the other is the same.

Step 3: Make the 'Glove'

Okay, now we have 6 claws. now we need to make something to mount them on that doesn't show too much.
This is where your stencil of your child's hand and the plastic sheet come in. Use it to get the rough size for your plastic mount.
Cut a piece of plastic that is no wider than your child's hand, and as tall as the section that we cut off in the last step. Curve the corners for your child's comfort.
Once that is finished, drill a hole in each corner, not too close to the edge.
Now cut two lengths of your elastic band that are long enough to go around your child's hand and still have enough to tie a knot. Sure you could stitch this if  you prefer, but it will be hot glued over top anyways.
Loop each elastic through the holes in the plastic base and tie it off. Finish up by cutting off the tag ends, leaving only the knot.

Step 4: Adamadentium Strong.

All that is left now is to glue the claws onto the plastic base.
Fill the cavity on the under side of each claw with hot glue, press and hold in place.
Start with your center claw to keep things aligned.
Do this for each claw try to keep them as flush as possible. I found doing it with it mounted on my fingers worked great, if not a little hot. If you don't mind the odd burn or two, follow my lead, otherwise on a work-surface is probably safer.
Once everything is dried and cooled off, trim off the excess plastic around the edges of the claws.
Go surprise your kid and have a happy Halloween!

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