Wolwerine Claws

Introduction: Wolwerine Claws

So you need quick cosplay or costume ideas? Or you want to spice up things with a X-23 cosplay. Or add claws to your current costumei or heck yeah used them in daily life because why not!

Whatever the reason you want this (not judging), here is a very easy cosplay to do. It goes great with some white raised textured t-shirt, a jean, a boat and a tag.You can also add a cigar too.

For this cosplay project, we will use a cardboard, metalic gray sprey paint and some paperclips.

Step 1: Draw and Cut

First draw the shape on the cardboard. The extra part on the right, necessacry for the next step and for holding the claw. Its a short addition to the claw to easly hold it. I have drawed and cut only one claw first, then used it as a cast for the other claws. An advice: always build more than you need just as a backup.

After drawing just cut the cardboard with a model knife, and you are halfway completed your first claw.

If you are done cutting use gray sprey paint to cover cardboard. Dont forget to use protective gear like a mask ,gloves and glasses. Make sure to spray each side evenly. I have used a rope to hang the piece of cardboard so i can distrubite paint even more evenly. After the paint dried you can mash the sides of the cardboard to create a "knife" like or sharp look.

Step 2: Add Something to Keep on Your Hand

Bend a paperclip (a big one) for your finger. I have designed as a ring as seen as in the pictures but you can get creative with it. Just make sure that there is enough length left for rolling paperclip around the extra cardboard

Roll rest of paperclip around the extra piece of cardboard that we have cut earlier. Make sure it tigthens a little bit but dont push it too much you might tear apart cardboard. If you accidently do something wrong draw, cut and paint again.

You can also add paperclips first and then paint.

I had to add some duck tape, because I have used those several times and they get weaken quickly. Adding some duck tape can extend their life. But they are very easy to do and cheap so you can make another one whenever you want.

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